Welcome to the Home Page of the First Tennessee Regional Club. We are located in quite possibly the most beautiful part of the world, Upper East Tennessee.

Our club was founded in November 1976 just eight months after the foundation of the Mustang Clubs of America.

Why get a mustang?

A new V6 “has more power”, and it’s really more of a car to fix up and make cool than anything. Insurance is cheap and you can make it fun.

Get a Mustang with a bunch of miles that needs some work, it’s better to work on it before you drive it everyday, even just to make it better. Put your budget into parts for it because you’ll always need to know how to work on your car and working on a Mustang is a good way to learn because it’s simple and reliable.

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The May Meeting of FTRG began at Exit 7 Bristol, where the club met to begin the “BRISTOL AUTO COLLECTION TOUR”. We began by touring the […]
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Mustang is mustang